Spiritual Journey to God
This is one incredible book.  It will bring faith and hope into a persons life and help
you to see the good in people and life and tells of how you should always seek God
with faith and a positive attitude.

Joel Osteen is a remarkable preacher.  Certainly, God has given him the gift of
'Hope' that many many people in this very rough world truly need.  With many on
the edge of bankruptcy, divorce, joblessness, growing up in these times where the
bible has been taken out of schools and business ethnics now include lying and
stealing, many people find it hard to see a good future in their lives.  But Joel
Osteen can turn you around in just a single sermon on his televised teachings
from his church in Dallas of which boasts a member rolster of well over 10,000

His dream in his younger days was to be a baseball player, while helping his dad
with lighting and stage management as well as helping his dad with keeping on
track with his massive schedules who was already a very famous pastor in Dallas
Texas, the well known John Osteen.

After John aquired a very bad battle with cancer, his last week was upon him and
he asked his son Joel for a 'last request' wish before his death.  He asked if Joel
would teach the Sunday sermon.  Joel was very taken back by this.  He hadnt
been trained as a pastor nor being a person to talk before a crowd.  He wasnt
going to do it, but after thinking about it and how he loved his father so greatly, he
agreed.  That Sunday, the audience was taken back and surprised with an
incredible and powerful sermon by this polished and positive young man.  It was
then realised that Joel was a natural for this and didnt even realise it.  He has
now taken the church and made it so large that the baseball stadium he once
dreamed of playing in was purchased by him to adequately use the space as his
church, filling it to capacity every Sunday.  His dream of that stadium came true
and he is now a world renown voice of Hope for the people that are drug down in
these tough times.

His books sales figures will show you how popular and good the publication is.

Hope is a very powerful thing.  Without it, ones life can be bleak, hopeless, dismal,
dark.  Carrying on in life without hope can bring one to be despondent, depressed,
angry, and resentful.  It is like a soul that thirsts and is unbearable.  But Joel
Osteen is like a 'cup of cold water on a hot day for a thirsty traveller'.  

God bless you and your family, Joel and thank you.

William Ortis
Lionheart Creations Ltd.