Spiritual Journey to God
This is a very exciting set of books called the Left Behind book series.  The story
is based on the name 'Left Behind' on which the biblical event just before
Armageddon occurs, of which the chosen ones that God wishes to take from
Earth through the great 'rapture', leaving the rest to go through the 7 years of
war and tribulation that will bring down all the forces of evil and see the
destruction of much of the Earth's resources.

The story follows a major world reporter, an airline pilot and his daughter, and a
number of other people that lost loved ones in the rapture.  Not being able to
figure out at first what has happened, they are also witnessing the anti-christ
come to power, fooling the world with his diplomatic strategies.  Soon war on a
world scale breaks out and they find themselves hiding as Christians are being
hunted down and decapitated in death camps.

The group though become a world renown underground Christian coalition,
sending food supplies to people in unique ways to starving people that havent
taken the mark of the beast.

For those that are into intense reading and thrillers and want to be prepared
for the years to come, definitely read this!  It will really get you motivated.  You
wont watch the news the same ever again and your eyes will be awakened to
the signs around us now in these terrible and alarming days.

William Ortis
Lionheart Creations Ltd.