Spiritual Journey to God
This is a great book.  Once again, by the incredible and knowledgeable Joyce Meyer, this
book teaches you through biblical doctrines and common sense the ways the inner mind
works and how God and the Holy Spirit communicate with humanity.

Have you ever thought about prayer and what it really means?  Did you know that it is a
two way communication, not one?  Did you know that if you listen deep in your heart
when in prayer, sometimes your answers will come to you.  Most people only know to
pray, talking to God, giving thanks and asking for help, but far too many never realise
that you should always be listening for the quiet, calm, voice from deep within your soul,
a voice that will bring you answers and visions that are like a soft breath that will send
chills up your back.

But, for those that begin to pray far more intensely, far more closer in the spirit, building
a more closer bond with God, they realise that the enemy also senses this and the
demonic forces will soon be dispatched to shut down or put adrift the voice calling out
to God.  They will seek to 'fool' you, also using their abilities of 'spiritual voice', but Joyce
Meyer shows you how to test the messages.  She makes it more easily discernable to
judge weather a message is from the Holy Spirit, or from some demon that is good at
fooling with Christians.

For those that wish to truly bond with the awesome Almighty One and tap the great
forces of heaven and knowledges beyond compare, please get this book.  You will thank
me later.  

William Ortis
Lionheart Creations Ltd.