Spiritual Journey to God
This is now a non-fiction two book set, Bible Code and Bible Codes II, in which the
author tells the story of how a mathematician has found a code interlaced in the
original first testament.  He find that tons of information are interwritten in the
original Torah texts that reveal past and future information.

From a biblical point of view, there is one last book that has not been opened that
Daniel was not allowed to understand.  It was called the Book of Knowledge and
was to be 'un-locked' in the 'end of times' of end of the age.  This book could very
well be the code.

The CIA gains interest and dispatches their main code breaker to check the
mans information out in Israel.  There, he creates his own computer program to
decipher and find answers and does indeed find even 'more' knowledge and
interlaced information.

At one point, the United States finds that the peace maker of the middle east,
Ahmwar Sedat, President of Egypt, is to be assasinated on a certain date.  They
warn him a year ahead of time.  As the date approaches, the US again warns him
of some sort of plot.  The President stands up to threats however and on the day
it is to happen, a man shoots him from a croud while he watches a state military
parade, sitting in a bandstand.

Later, the author runs the terrorists name through the bible code program and
finds that his name 'is' in the text grouping as being the killer.  (They didnt know
the name to look for and so it wasnt found yet).

The book is controversial and will awaken you to the possibilities of 'what if'.  What
if this is really the 'book of knowledge' that is to be opened in the end of the age?

The way the code is put in is as this.  Imagine that the priests or rabbi's must
each write a Torah on their schooling to become a priest.  Other rabbi's test their
spelling so that not 'one single letter' is mis-spelled.  The ancient text of hebrew
has no periods or commas, etc.  So mathmatically you have a set of symbols, an
exact amount and pattern.  You can then make these into a grid of each chapter,
where there are 5, (The Pentatuch or in english, the 5 books of Moses written on
Mountain of God).  In the grid, the decoder program can locate words that are
interlaced in angles and directions, intersecting each other to form a 'packet' of
relevent information.  One such example is as follows.  With entering 'Albert
Einstein', they found the intersecting information attached to his name; date of
birth, date of death, town of birth, his career, and 'missing fourth element'.  This
can be done with tons of people, countries, events, etc.

If you are intriqued with 'possibilities', then these might be some very good books
for you to read.

William Ortis
Lionheart Creations Ltd.