Spiritual Journey to God
This book is for anyone who has ever been in what they might think is 'spiritual
combat' where you might have realised you were being silently attacked within the
mind.  This is an incredible book that reveals how satanic forces launch well
thought out attacks and forms of torment to bring humanity (the children of God)
down.  Joyce Meyers is an exceptional, thorough, and detailed authur that writes in
such a way as to understand the radical 'dimensions' on which a person is
attacked, both in their thoughts and dreams.

Note that the war gets worse when one journeys closer to God.  Many forces will
seek to trip you and bring you off course to finding what you are truly seeking.  But
there is where the true you is brought out, there is where the warrior of Christ is
polished and made strongest.  There is where the metal ore becomes a shining
suit of armour, pounded into shape and polished beyond compare.

I found myself in such spiritual combat, dealing with agonizing nightmares,
sleepless nights, constant thought torment, even body pains that no one could
explain that were somewhat 'supernatural'.  A constant phrase heard the most in
my mind in many voices was 'Give up!  Denounce Jesus Christ.  Give up!'  (I never
did and to this day am proud to say I have endured almost 9 years of this mind
torment, but I am more stronger then ever and happier inside my heart then ever).

I wish I had had this book to read the first day my torment began.  If any of you
have gone through spiritual torment and have been dealing with supernatural
forces seeking to take you down, read this book.  It is a must for those going
through such battles that take place in the mind and dreams.

Be strong, faithful, and never worry, for if God is on your side, whom shall you fear!  
Not satan, nor even his forces in great numbers...

William Ortis
Lionheart Creations Ltd.