Industrial and Vehicular Design
This is a vehicle I made in 1986 that has been converted into a driveable car in Flight Simulator.  The original was to be powered
by a jet turbine APU unit, adapted to a standard automotive automatic transmission.  In the end, I went with a flat Porsche boxer
engine due to costs and financing.  The vehicle saw one international auto exposition in 1986.  It was later disassembled in the
hopes to pull production molds from the body work.  The Endeavor was made of composite construction with steel tubing ladder
frame work down the center.  
The 'theme' of the Endeavor is a 3 panel wing arch that was continuous
from front edge to rear edge, with shoulders similar to the Countach.
Note the steering wheel.  This also was actually created and 9 units
produced.  One went on my personal Turbo Laser back then, as well
as some friends and family members cars.  I had thought of selling
the design of the steering yokes to Cessna and various boat
The lines of the Endeavor were incredibly raked and sleek,
almost like a wing.  When sitting still, you felt you were
looking at a vehicle in motion.
Illuminated night time instrumentation.  
Note the Blaupunkt Nav/CD system in
center console.
Countach style doors enhanced the lines.
The doors were actually quite long and when fully opened at
full arched up position, were a bit high and thus came close
to standard garage doors.
Available in 4 flavours; red, blue, black,
and yellow.
The stance of the Endeavor was incredibly wide as well as
long, though extremely low, being the height of a Lamborghini
Countach and width of a Ferrari Testarossa, she was
designed to never flip.
Note the red penstripe looking flourescent
beam tail light at rear
Pure wedge...
This is the real X1F Xotic Endeavor.  Fitted with a Porsche boxer air cooled powerplant, 4 speed reveresed gearbox that
hung out the back like a Panterra, and an incredibly wide stance, (finding a trailer that it would fit on took over a week).  She
was literally designed for a small turbine, as well as for electric power.  The tunnel down the interior was quite wide to
accept battery cells mounted 'sideways' for maximum cells in the center of gravity.  If any of you know, a moderately sized
electric motor such as a Baldor is incredibly powerful and has a continuous HP power curve with 'no' lag.  That and the fact
that they are incredibly quiet which actually makes them slightly dangerous, as you only hear the tires when you are
pedestrian or other traffic, not hearing it approaching.  The bad thing was parking her in public, she was a fan magnet.  
May her composite body/frame rest in peace.
By William Ortis; Lionheart Creations Ltd.