The Exteriors feature a 4K resolution (4096 x 4096 pixel) Fuselage texture, super resolution polygon modelling, flush side window plexiglass, retracting foot step pylons, high detail
landing gear featuring Ambient Occlusion shading.  There are 22 various paint schemes for external liveries, ranging from France and England, to Canada and America, to Australia and
even 2 Military variants.  One British and one Australian set of variants feature very weathered, faded, bug spattered, muddied up versions that are showing their wear for their age.
This package features 5 different versions of interiors.  Gray standard, Lite Tan, rich brown, rare blue suede,
and dirtied up gray.  A couple of the tan interiors might have gray instrument pods, as this is how some real
world Trinidads are laid out.  If you are knowledgeable in moving around textures, you can change the color of
an interior by trading out the color sheets to a planes texture folder, changing it from gray to brown, etc.

The interiors are jam packed with tiny details, knobs and levers.  The arm rests swivel up out of the way of the
fuel selector and rudder trim.  The control yokes can be hidden away by clicking the white
under-panel-pull-handle.  The instrumentation features standard (mostly) Trinidad equipment.  We tried to
make them as standard as possible, though many Trinidads show a lot of customization in this department.  We
fitted our model with a GPS500, GNS430, and a COM2 NAV2 unit.  The grain of the leather is clearly seen in
the high resolution textures as well as lite scuffing and wear, little scratches on the instrument panel faces, etc.  

The Trinidad features glass covered instruments but we found that with FSX users, they could not get
mouse-over data from the instruments, so we made the glass able to be hid by the click of the glass face, or the
small knob in the top right of the pilots instrument pod.

Due to moderate negative input from customers about reflections and tinting, we used almost zero reflections
(only on the front, but  barely visible) and soft shading/dusting on the windows edges.  Otherwise, the glass
(inside) is very clean and tint free.  Only the outside is dark tinted on the nicer aircraft fleet.  The dirtied up
aircraft feature very low tinting and they are a bit dirty as well, (outside only).
The Trinidad features 4 different loadouts of passengers;
1. Male Pilot
2. Female Pilot
3. Couple; male and female
4. Group of two couples, front and rear.

The weight loadouts of the 4 versions of aircraft are already adjusted
so you do not need to adjust the loads themselves.  This is achived
with separate aircraft folders.  We also were able to link the aircraft to
the core Trinidad texture system so that 'added textures' were not
necessary, keeping the Trinidad footprint low on your hard drive,
(lower then it might have been with multiple copies of texture sets
through 3 sets of Trinidad variants).

A cool feature with the plane is that the people are high detailed, so
you actually see the passengers in the heavy loadouts.  The
passengers are 'not' in the interior VC model, only in the exterior

If you are familiar with how to move variants of plane models around
on the aircraft configs, you can add a female pilot to your favorite
paint scheme, or add a group passenger layout to a preferred liverie.
Above is the Loadout page from the Trinidad Pilots Manual
showing the four versions of passenger loadouts models alongside
the actual weight settings that are in the aircraft config files.

This enables you to fly the Trinidad in a nearly empty state as well
as a fully loaded, nearly maxed out state, seeing how the plane
handles in all the states.
Note that some of the Trinidads
will have lite gray panel faces,
or dark black panel faces.
Note that the Trinidad has a 2D panel.  The aircraft cannot be fully flown by the
2D panel as it is limited to what is in the cockpit.  The popup panels allow for
some of the switch and lever access, but some switches must be accessed via
the virtual cockpit.

Note also that a couple of the instrument details run off the stock Mooney in FSX
and Prepar3D.  You will need the instruments installed in your simulator for all
of the parts to show (only several that are Mooney components).  You will need
to reload these into your simulator if you have deleted them.
The Trinidad Pilots Manual is located in the aircraft.  You can either use
Shift-6 to access the manual 'in-cabin' or you can access the PDF file in the
Trinidads main folder in the Sim/Sim
Objects/Airplanes/LHC_Trinidad_TB21GT/Manual folder.  Having the manual
available 'in' the plane is pretty handy, but you can also print off the PDF if
you like as well to study it when away from the computer.
The manual is 'not' super detailed like an actual manual.  Only the basics are
covered concerning flying this aircraft in Flight Simulator.  The manual pages
are flipped via clicking on the bottom corners of the pages, left and right
sides.  Clicking in the middle should make the manual disappear back to its
storage cubby by the front passengers right leg.
For backup CD's of the package, you may request the CD service at SimMarket when
making the purchase through their website.
FlightSimStore, Australia
Request new download for updates;
Trinidad TB21 GT
Trinidad TB21 GT
Trinidad TB21 GT
PC Aviator, United States
Trinidad TB21 GT
PC Aviator, Australia
Trinidad TB21 GT
$29.95 USD
$29.95 USD
$29.95 USD
This package does 'not' work in DX10 in FSX!
UPDATE:  The Trinidad TB21GT has been fitted with a dual 'Manifold
Pressure / Fuel Flow' instrument in the right side instrument panel pod.  This
is a basic update.  You will need your installer code to install this update.

Click HERE to see the Trinidad Pilots Manual
Thank you
This is the sleek, modernistic, powerful Trinidad TB21 GT.  This beautiful 4 seater aircraft sports a 250 HP Lycoming TIO540 coupled with
a computer managed Turbocharger, enabling the TB21 to climb and cruise up to 20,000 feet Altitude.  The interior is clad in leather and
the layout and design of the interior is reminiscent of luxury car interiors of that era.  The Trinidad was one of the few planes with ample
shoulder room, making it a very comfortable plane for long journeys.  The front and back seats even featured folding arm rests.  The GT
variant (Generation Two) featured a larger cargo area in the back of the plane, and with a larger access door.  The Trinidad was fitted with
an Anti-Icing prop system and oxygen so you could cruise at the higher altitudes, up to 20,000 feet, where you can see airliners casually
passing by.  The Trinidad's Turbocharger enables for a strong and steep takeoff climb of 1100 FPM with full weight, and 1200 to 1400
empty with single pilot aboard.  Cruise in the Trinidad is 190 knots, fast cruise and 170 Knots Economy Cruise.  Fuel range of the Trinidad
TB21 GT Turbo was 1000 Nautical Miles at 75% power.  She can hold just over 44 US Gal's of fuel per wing, 88 US Gal's total with just
over 86+ Gal's useable.  Maximum Takeoff Weight is 3080 lbs.  This high detail model package features 22 high resolution exterior paint
themes, 5 different interior themes, an exotic Avionics Suite that includes the GNS430 system for COM1/NAV1, the KFC225 AutoPilot
system, a nice GPS500 for visual map navigation, and may I say, she is a dream to fly....
Build 1.1 Uploaded 7-10-2016
One update available.  See below in the updates center.
Thank you for purchasing our work.  It goes a long way.  It finances future projects.  It
puts food on the table.  It pays for this website.  It keeps Lionheart Creations in
business so we can build more and more planes.  Please support us.  Please do not file

Thank you and God bless,

Bill Ortis
Lionheart Creations
These are the exterior PSD layered format texture files.  These have many
layers.  These files are done in Photoshop CS6.  There are separate layers for
Ambient Occlusion maps, shadings, mottled layers, ect, making this an easy kit
to work with.  Basically find the base coat layer near the bottom and copy that
layer and start making your new paint scheme.

Interior PSD files are special request only and might take 2 days to upload.  
Please make your request via email.  Specify which color of interior you wish
to start with; gray, tan, brown, and blue suede.  Note that only 'gray' has
layered PSD format. The others are 'colorized' versions of the gray PSD files.

DX10 Scenery Fixer Update:
Steve Parsons, the creator or DX10 Scenery Fixer, has created a fix that
allows the Trinidad TB21 to work fine with his DX10 addon package.
Visit his page
$29.95 USD