"The Invaders" Flying Saucer
Extra flight instructions can be found below at the bottom of
this web page.
Want to know what its like to fly a UFO at Mach 3 across the countryside?  How about making
a flat clean pancake turn with no banking at that speed and make a U-Turn?  Sound like fun?

This is a recreation of the UFO from the television series "The Invaders".  The craft was shown
many times in the various episodes, though at times, it changed within the saucer.

In this Flight Simulator FS2004 recreation, the interior has yet again been redone to show
some 'alien' like 'what-if' style of instrumentation.  The same identical lay-out of the interior of
the ship has been retained with bulkheads and size scaling being kept to authenticity.  The walls,
textures, and colors have been changed from light gray and zinc chromate green to a black
color that looks almost like a fabric padding, which many actual abductees have described the
interiors of such craft to resemble.  Likewise, some instrumentation and power supply
structures have been also added into the vehicle.  The 3 accelleration and statis pods that the
aliens stand in are in the rear chamber just as in the original saucer in the television series.

Note that Greg Logan of Star Wars simulation fame created the elaborate textures that are
throughout the ship.  The instrumentation was given source lighting so that at night the rooms
glow from the bluish screens and panels when one takes a walk on board around the crafts
various rooms.

The doors all function in this elaborate little saucer.  The layout has doors in a circular
perimeter which are controlled by the Tailhook command in Flight Simulator.  Then the doors
that run centrally through the middle of the ship are controlled by the Shift/E command.

The addition of an abduction examination table has been added to the RH chamber within the
ship, with an additional examination light above it.  The reality of such a pre-invasion craft has
been highlighted.  We shouldnt discount the fact that such a reality might possibly exist and
that the governments of Earth have already dealt with such forces.

Lastly, this fast, clean little saucer sports the sound pack created by Ronnie Pendergraft which
he originally created for his incredibly detailed Jupiter 2 model for FS.  The sound for the
startup process of the engines is awesome.

Look out for the F-136 Orbital Interceptors!  They are Mach 1 'faster' then the landing
saucers!  (Dont forget though that you have the ability to corner on a dime....   ;)
Taking flight and lifting up her gear, the UFO hops into the air via the VTOL like
airfile which uses Flaps to control lift power.  The gear folds up making the craft
dynamically clean and ready for some high speed flight or some lurking about in
slow hover mode.
View through the main window at
the control panel.  Its evening and
somewhere in these buildings, Roy is
meeting with someone.  The saucers
implant detection gear is trying to
pinpoint his exact location.  (eeeks!  
The wild glowing Magneto drive gravity
engines and the odd central engine that
has the famous honeycomb looking
This is the odd accelleration and stasis pods that the aliens stand in.  I added some controls that are
illuminated in the rear of each pod.  If you sneak up on them, you can put them in stasis.  Then you
have your own saucer.  Just remember to drop off the aliens at the nearest AFB and then get away
with your new alien chariot before the government confiscates it!
Here your watching a UFO chasing along
side an AI aircraft.  "Where is Roy going to
now?  Did he think he could get through our
survailence systems?  Has he realised we
put an implant location beacon in the back
of his neck yet?"
The effects of the red lights over the ground
when hovering at night is a bit cool.  If only there
were a forest to land in and hide.  Hmmmm....
This is the 2D panel in FS.  On the left is with all side instrumentation pop-up windows
closed.  On the right is with everything popped up, such as GPS, throttle quad,
auto-pilot, various primary digital instrumentation, etc.
Here is the view in the VC looking
at the alien pilot as he is flying the
saucer high over Earth.  Note that
all the aliens are wearing the
same 'human' outfits.  You
wouldnt be able to tell them apart
as they look a bit 'cloned'.  Taking
the camouflage off will reveal a
quite different and a bit ugly
looking fellow underneath.  For the
sake of not having to use your FS
sick sack, I have left their
costumes 'on'.  ;)
After capturing my first saucer, I brought it back to my
private (Rwy12) hanger located at Deer Valley airport in
Phoenix.  (No worries, I told the tower and the onlookers
it was just a prop from an old show that I got on Ebay and
that it only looks like it hovers because of the swamp gas
and mirrors....)
This is a view from within Gmax when I was
finishing up the craft.  The cockpit is a bit wild with
instrumentation.  I figured I would make a proper
instrument panel!  I was thinking that if such a
craft needed such stealth systems, life support
systems, possibly military systems, scanning and
power systems, as well as just flight systems, not
to forget astro-navigation systems that must map
stars and entire planets, then you might have a
panel that would indeed be that huge.
The eery abduction room which doubles
as the medical chamber.  The
examination table is in the far corner
and the medical light is suspended
above it.
Ahhhh...   The awesome skies of FS2004.  
Thanks Bill Gates and the FS crew for a
cool hobby and simulator.....
Here an alien is in stasis and will be brought
out when their target location is achieved.  His
mind in its sleep is probably studying the
instrumentation in front of him.  The powers of
the mind can be amazing.  Remember, the
spirit is seperate from the body.  As Jesus
once said, "To be born into the 'Holy' spirit is to
be born again."  One is born into a world that is
unseen by this world, though it exists.  This is
something people dont fully 'realise' the
immensity of.
Here you can see the overall interior of the craft in Gmax.  Thanks to Greg Logan for the
incredible textures and to Ronnie Pendergraft for the superb sound pack.  Without their part,
the saucer wouldnt be as fun and neat.
Saucer Flight Instructions
Take-off uses one notch of Flaps and a birp of the throttle through to full throttle, then back to
half throttle approximately.  There you should achieve a hover where in you would raise your
landing pylons.

Transition to high speed flight is done by raising Flaps or selecting F5.  The craft will swiftly
accelerate through to Mach 3+.  You have air  brakes with the / key.  You have hardly any
aileron (roll) control as a system of gyroscopic stabilizers are running along the outer
perimeter of the cabin within the lower section of the hull.  It is there, but very difficult to
induce moderately.  You can use the flat turning effect (rudder control only) to make yourself
level in an up or down maneuver and then tilt down or up to make yourself level again.  (Easier
to do then explain how).

To land, you come in at speed, then apply air brakes with the / key.  Lowering the landing
pylons will also help you to slow.  When you are near the landing target, add a notch setting of
Flaps with F7.  Just prior to touchdown, add another notch or two of F7 to slow your descent.  
Remember that in VTOL mode (flaps on), your controls are extremely lethargic and sluggish.  
Over control of your yoke is required.

A bit of sliding forward will be noticeable when parked on the ground.  Air brakes ( / ) and full
flaps will prevent too much skidding forward.  I am sorry for the inconvenience of the overly
zestful fusion reactors...  :o

Note;  Some people are reporting crashes when taking off as well as making transition to
high speed flight.  This can be one of several problems.  First, turn off the Force Feedback
Joystick setting in Aircraft settings and realism section in Flight Simulator.  Secondly, turn
off 'crash detection' in the same section of FS.  You may also wish to turn on 'unlimited
fuel' so you don't have a hot fusion reactor stall at high altitude, (the girl doesn't glide very
well, especially after losing her gyroscopic stabilizers).

Lastly, when down, shut the engines off.  Remember to lock it up as something like this can get
stolen quick!  ;)
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