You may purchase the Pasped Skylark through , PayPal's 'PayLoadz'
website, or through the Flight1 Sales Wrapper system which also takes PayPal.
Hand Held flat compass for those
that have issues with navigating
with only a Whiskey Compass.
This is the
Kneeboard that walks
you through the aircrafts
specs, checklists, as well
as a unique Runway
Visualizer for setting up
approaches and patterns
to  airport runways.
New from the studios of Lionheart Creations Ltd. is the Pasped W-1 Skylark, a
very elegant aircraft born in the 1930's.  Featuring a radial engine, giant landing
gear designed to land on rough grass airstrips, clad in sleek Duraluminum
fairings, this wild looking two place aircraft was so bold that it even made its way
into the Hollywood movies.  With an almost STOL like landing ability, huge belly
mounted air brake flap, doors and a sliding canopy, this makes for one awesome
Hot Rod for flying around in.  This package includes an 'Era' theme Owners
Manual in PDF format, and a base price what will surely make you look twice.

This package is for Flight Simulator X (FSX) only.

There is a 'High Resolution' and a 'Regular' Version Skylark available.  What is the difference?
Answer:  The High Definition (HD) package features double sized textures, while the Regular package
features 'standard' sized textures, except 2 or 3 which are double size, such as the Fuselage and Panel
texture sheets.

Question:  I purchased the Skylark and installed it but it doesnt show up in my Flight Sim.  Why?
Answer:  You may have a Windows OS-64bit which has the Program Folder renamed to 'Program Files
(64)'.  Simply run the installer again, and this time, before it uploads the files into your computer, check
the location of your Flight Simulator installation.  If its not correct, then click the small Browse button
beside the address string and navigate to your FSX folder, then click OK to start uploading the package.

This may be necessary also with some 'external hard drives' where FSX is located on a drive other then C
drive.  This does not happen with all installations, only some.

Question:  If the Skylark goes into a next build series up, such as 2.0 or 3.0, do I need to purchase the
package all over again?
Answer:  No.  You are entitled to all factory updates, being an owner of the package.  See your vendor
for details and request the update 'if' the update is a full 'complete installer' version update.  (Some
mini-updates will be available, here only at Lionheart Creations.  Vendors will not carry the mini-updates
on a normal basis).

Question:  Will this plane work in FS2004?  Is this a FS2004 version model or pure FSX?
Answer:  This is a pure FSX only model, featuring dual VC and exterior models in FSX SDK formats.  
This will 'not' work in FS2004, unfortunately.  I tried all that I could to make this work in FS2004.

Question:  Is this available in other locations other then Lionheart Creations Ltd?
Answer:  Yes.  We sell through the famous Euro outlet, which also feature a backup CD
service for a small fee.

Question:  Will this work on a slow computer?  What are the requirements?
Answer:  Yes.  The Skylark is a very simple package with no sophisticated gauges.  The 'Regular'
package features regular textures, nothing is 32bit high rez format.  3 textures will be double-size, but
thats it.  The HD version Skylark package features ALL double sized textures, 2048 pixels big, compared
to the standard of 1024 pixels.

Question:  Will there be a paint kit for the Victory package?
Answer:  Yes.  Again, as soon as we can, we will have the paint kit uploaded.  This will be in Adobe
Photoshop PSD layered format.

Question:  What is in this package?
Answer:  The Pasped Skylark package features 3 texture liveries; Original prototype white with black
stripes, the second paint scheme in Red with black stripes, and a third version in white with light blue
stripes.  The planes come with a basic 2D panel, animated virtual cockpit, some optional featured popups
such as the kneeboard panel, and full animations all throughout.  The package also features its own
instrumentation and soundpack.

Question:  Does this feature its own Soundpack or does it use a stock Soundpack?
Answer: Yes.  This is the same soundpack featured on the Junkers W-24 Radial package, a very nice,
gutteral sounding radial soundpack.

Question:  I have a huge part sticking out of the top of my plane?  What is that?
Answer:  You must not have the FSX SP1 Service Pack installed.  If you do, you may need to re-install
it.  Make sure that your UAC in your Windows is adjusted to allow you to install this and modify the FSX
installation.  Some report that their UAC security systems in vista and Win7 will sometimes block you
from the update process.  You can download the FSX SP1 and SP2 update service packs for FSX at

Question:  When I boot up my plane, its all black.  Why?
Answer:  It sounds like your FSX installation is maxed out in resources from high settings.  Please lower
your settings.  To test this, turn off your clouds and your AA setting in Display.  When first installing your
plane, you may need to reboot if you have Win7 OS64 and vista OS64. Rebooting allows it to see the
textures.  This is rare, but happens now and then.

Question:  My aircraft shows up, but my gauges arent showing.  Why?
Answer:  The installer at times will place the Gauges CAB file in the 'stock' location, C: drive.  If you
have your Sim in a different location then usual, such as OS64 Program Files (64) or in another drive (or
both of the above), then simply track down where the installer placed your LHC_EV.CAB file and drop it
into your main Gauges folder in FSX.  You can also run the installer to a TEMP folder on your desktop,
using the browse button before file uploads begin.  After it finishes, look in your gauges folder in there,
locate the CAN file and drop that in the Gauges folder in FSX.

Question:  Will flying this plane for over 10 hours at a time cause bags under my eyes, double vision,
and other such side effects?  Or have you figured out gaming codes and other such enhancements that
will enable me to fly this thing continuously around the clock?
Answer:  No....    It will still wear you out and cause double vision and blood shot eyes from extreme
over-time flying.  We suggest you take breaks.  Go outside, see the sun, listen to the birds, play in the
rain, then get right back into your jet and fly some more.  :)  (Thats how I do it).

Question:  The Elevator Trim Crank and the Tailwheel Castoring Lock Lever do not operate with
Answer:  This is true, they are not setup to be controlled by the mouse-over feature.

Question:  There is no radio stack on the panel?
Answer:  This is true.  The actual Skylark does not have a radio stack, nor auto pilot.  We kept this
aircraft package as 'pure' as possible.  You have a popup radio hand held unit for contacting the tower,
and your AP system is actually programmed into the airfiles, so you can fly the auto pilot system via
keyboard entries.

Question:  It is difficult to see into the left side switch box.  Is there a work around coming for that?
Answer:  Yes.  We will be adding a Camera view that will enable you to see that nook area better.

Question:  Why is this package only $12.00?  Is there something wrong with it?
Answer:  Nope, nothing wrong with it.  This is a bold step to see if a simple aircraft package will sell
better at a lower price.  Its an Economy Buster to help cope with the world economy and lower budgets
for Sim Payware.

Question:  My electrical system dies after 10 to 20 min's when I have Nav lights or Auto Pilot running?
Answer:  We found a bug issue.  The Generator wasnt assigned in the config file.  Please see the Patch
above to restore your electrical system charging.  There is a simple fix for this with an optional download
patch as well.
*  High Detail refined Model Mesh availed by the FSX SDK that allows for very elaborate mesh
*  Fully animated components and flight control surfaces all through out the aircraft.
*  Custom engineered team created airfile set that features handling aspects that were shared
with us by the gentleman that rebuilt the Skylark recently and has flown in it.
*  FSX Materials including bump mapping on rivets and panels, as well as some lite sheet metal
fatiquing that give it that extra look of realism.
*  Electric powered air brake, belly mounted under the fuselage between the landing gear.  This
'massive' air brake panel can slow the Skylark down well for those short field approaches.
*  Scanning pilot animation, high detail pilot mesh structure with easily changeable clothing
*  Custom instrumentation, most taken from actual photographs, professionally done by pro
gauge maker Dwight Furleigh.  These feature mouse-over readouts and the elevator trim gauge
can even be controlled with your mouse wheel.
*  Opening front nose compartment just behind the engine.
*  Opening map box door.
*  Optional high resolution 'double-size' textures pack version, called the Pasped Skylark HD
package, for those with powerful computers able to handle intense graphics.
*  Appearing wheel chocks and canopy cover when engaging 'Tie-Down-mode' switch in the left
hand switch cubby box.
*  Kneeboard features checklists, runway visualizer, specs and performance data as well as a
hand written appearing set of Range and Fuel Left readouts.
Build 1.2 released, all updates are included in that package.  Release; May 9th, 2012

No bugs to report.  No updates.
The Paint Kit of the Pasped Skylark is in Adobe
Photoshop Layered Format (PSD) and is double sized
at 2048 pixels large.  The package includes Fuselage,
Wings LH and RH, Canopy/fairings, and Tail.  If you
need interior or pilot textures, email us at
FlightSimStore, Australia
Build 1.2 Launched May 9, 2012
Build 1.2 is now launched.  We have made some improvements in the models, added some trinkets in the map
box including an antique AM band radio which will play some old air-waves music for a short moment.  Other
features include 9 new interior Camera views (use A button to flip through them) and 11 new, brilliant exterior
views as well, (again, use A button when in the external Camera view mode).  We have created 2 new paint
schemes, and also added 2 older 'post launch' Addon paint schemes, making the package a totally of 7 paint
variant packages total.

We also 'tuned' the Skylark to run more efficient.  We have lowered some of the textures to 1024 pixels,
enabling the Skylark to run very smoothly in very thick, high tech scenery packages.

The Installer was updated with better Registry coding and we have also added Prepar3D into the Installer so
that people purchasing the new Prepar3D Flight Training Simulator may install the Pasped Skylark into that as

We have done away with 'High Definition and Regular' versions and brought them together.  They are now
tuned to fun fast with the best resolution affordable for fast performance.  

Have fun with the overhauled, refined, tuned, renewed Skylark!  
Build 1.2 Screenshots
Request new download for updates;
Select the vendor of your choice to purchase the Skylark from.
This is the Pasped Skylark Owners
Manual, a neatly bound book clad in a
leather portfolio like cover, rugged and
old.  Here, you can read on the specs
of the Skylark, flight tips, layouts of the
instrumentation, etc.  This is a free
download and gives you insight to the