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Yellow Racer  
Time for a change?  Tired of flying the same thing everyone else has?  
Need to stretch your world?  Want to see more?  Ever dreamed of
owning a custom built aircraft?
This package features a 'fictional' version of the famed 1980's Q200
Dragonfly.  The LHC version Q200 has a high performance Continental
O-200 engine, cruises at 180 MPH, and features standard
instrumentation.  No LCD screens.  Just dials.  

This pro addon pack also features eleven massive 'Theme' packs where
everything from instrument panels and seats, interior color themes as
well as exteriors are all treated differently for each plane.

If you want a new aircraft that is a little feisty, needs attention, isnt to
boring, adds some spice to your normal flying adventures, then the
Q200 might be for you.
Blue Stripe  
Metallic Gold and Tan  
Blue Striped Britain  
Dare to be different.  Dare to be radical.
Nope.  This is not an exact replica.
Silver NOX  
Theme One
Theme Four
Theme Three
Theme Two
Red and White  
Yellow and White  
Midnight Blue  
Theme Seven
Theme Six
Theme Five
Theme Eight
Metallic Orange  
Dare to be different.  Dare to be radical.
Plaine White  
Theme Nine
Theme Eleven
Theme Ten
Dare to be different.  Dare to be radical.
Dare to be different.  Dare to be radical.
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Building the Q200
Dare to be different.  Dare to be radical.
Dare to be different.  Dare to be radical.
Extreme resolution 4096 textures for main important textures like the

3D Raised Instrumentation (knobs and bezels) with 2D high resolution
graphics.  Gauges are not true 3D but 2D XML coded instruments
mapped on 3D surfaces.

Garmin 550 Aircraft GPS with popup version for visibility

High detail surplus F-16 jet fighter control joystick

High detail pilot model

'One' 2D instrument panel in 'gray' only.
Blue Stripe is a white Q2 with a rich pastel blue 'speckle painted' interior
with tweed cloth seats.  The dove gray instrument panel was created by a
specialty panel shop that creates precision machined/cut metal panels and is
nearly flawless without wear.  (Nearly new).  The exterior features a wild
automotive decal (available in the real world) as well as a checkered rudder
that has some deep metallic blue sprayed on the leading edge.
Dare to be different.  Dare to be radical.
Warning to Rivet Counters
Rivet Counters and target haters, go away.  This is not a real aircraft.  It is a flight
simulation addon created to enjoy flying on a computer.  This is not a real plane, but a
simulated fictional rendition of the actual aircraft.  

If you want your own version of panel, if you want wider wings, a 3 bladed propeller,
different intake scoops, more versions of 2D panels, giant super neato GPS screens, etc,
etc, then I urge you to do what I did.  Go out and get 3DS Max ($4400.00 USD), and
Photoshop CS6 ($1,000.00 USD) and all the neat little programs in between that help
you make one of these and learn to make planes.  I can tell you it is quite fun, but a
MASSIVE amount of work.  (And dont let the rivet counters drive you nuts!)
Yellow Racer is a hot little number with some special features and

The Exterior features a high gloss Daytona yellow coat with radical
checkered flag graphics.  This Q2 is fitted with a racing fuel cap on the top
of the fuselage in front of the perspex bubble.  She is also fitted with a
chrome spinner.

The Interior reflects the wild exterior.  Everything is basically a charcoal
black:  Black leather seats, carbon fiber instrument panel, dark gray
speckled finish paint on the fuselage inner shell, and topped off with a cool
glossy trinket tray in 'yellow' matching the exterior.
Blue Striped Britain is nicknamed the 'Berkshire Cross Fire', the pride and joy
of one Englishman who has put a lot of himself into this plane.  The exterior
is done in a light coat of bright white, is not a super gloss paint scheme but
rather a very slightly dull coat with a bit of 'shine'.  Her stripes are a sky
blue color resembling birds wingtips at the front, and features a neat racing
fuel cap from one of his old race cars which he has mounted on the Q2.  
She also boasts proper English country badges under the rear wings.

The interior of the Berkshire Cross Fire is light dove gray (almost white)
with speckling and cloth tweed seats in a similar color of blue to the stripes
on the exterior.  The instrument panel is a unique spruce laminate of wood,
nicely cut, no super gloss finish, but a simple, strong, nice wood panel that
is nice to look at.
There are presently no Modifications or addon
suites available for the Q200.
The Q200 Project was created with a new
model technology called NURMs that allows
for the creation of sophisticated, organic
designs with greater control.  
* No flaps...
* No spoiler panel...
* No autopilot...
The NAV lights do not always show in P3D when first booting up into a flight.  Reboot all lights
with the 'L' key to make them visible if you are having issues with these.

NAV lights switch might also flip the Panel lights switch.

HDG Knob in VC for HSI Compass rotation animation is notchy.
Gold and Tan is a rich metallic flake with large flake grains in the paintwork.  The paint is very high gloss and
features a sort of ripple stripe down the sides, having a wave in the middle.  The owner has proudly put  USA
graphics on the rudder.

The interior is really rich looking.  Having a beige color for the interior aeroshell with speckled finish, it matches
the exterior.  The seats are a reddish brown leather, almost orange.  The instrument panel is sort of a tan color
similar to the new Mooney aircraft range and is a nice metal panel professionally done with nearly zero wear and
scratches.  The owner has also covered and color matched the trinket tray and joystick boot to match the seats
and arm rests.
NOX or November Zero X-Ray is named after 'NOX' (Nitrus Oxide) and is an
air racer.  She has a brilliant metal flaked Metallic silver paint job with flying
checkered flags graphics in the center area's of the paint work.  A sky blue
stripe skims over the center of the racing flags.  Her lettering graphics are a
wild, futuristic font.

The interior of NOX is dark, like a new Corvette.  Leather seats are fitted in
the charcoal gray 'speckled' aeroshell.  The instrument panel is carbon fiber,
the texture clearly visible.  The pilot who has had the trinket tray and circuit
breaker graphics changed to bright sky blue to match his racing stripe.
Yellow and White is a unique plane. Yellow on the top with a white belly
and white on the undersides, having a black belt line stripe along her sides.  
She is a high gloss finish, non-metallic paint.  She sports a racing decal on
her rudder from the early 1930's.  Her interior is sort of like a hot-rod would
be done, with the instrument panel painted with the same yellow paint as
the outer aeroshell.  The owner has even painted his F-16 joystick the same
color, (a bit radical).  Dragonfly graphics run along the inerior arm rests
area.  The interior area of the aeroshell is done in a grayish white with
speckle painting and the seats are a dark gray tweed with yellow 'Q2' logos
stitched into the head cushions.
The Red and White paint scheme is very similar to the Yellow and White.  
This has red on the top and white on the belly, also features a exterior
paint color on the instrument panel like the yellow plane, even down to
the F-16 flight control joystick.  The red color is from Porsche, Guard's
Red, a very bright, almost orange color of red, brighter then Ferrari's
famous red color.  The interior aeroshell is also the same color layout as
the Yellow and White, but with red insignia on the headrests.  The owner
has his EAA decal on the sides of his bird just under the secondary wings
and a Japanese looking logo of a Dragonfly are painted into the exterior
Midnight Blue is a sharp plane.  Dark colors are usually not done on
composite planes, but this model features a carbon fiber hull that the
owner was able to have custom made.  The paint is Lamborghini dark
blue Metallic and features a white set of pin stripes running along her
sides.  A neat Dragonfly graphic is sported on the exterior.

The interior of the blue ship is done in white with speckling finish and
has brilliant seat leather done in black with blue in the inset cushions.  
The instrument panel is a dark gray color and the joystick leather boot
matches the leather seat sides.
Neon Green is a wild California style radical break away from normal paint schemes.  Super bright and very
visible, the 'Green' ship has grey stripes running along her sides.  She is owned by a German fellow and has a
German registry.  She also has a grey version of the German country badge on her rudder.  Neon Green also
features the unique Dragonfly artwork.

The inner aeroshell is done in a nice greenish khaki color (greenish beige) with speckling and has two toned
beige / rich brown leather seats.  The interior goes well with the wild exterior.  The panel is done in a nice tan
color, is a machined pro-made panel in metal, and features the Q2 logo in neon green (like the exterior paint
Lamborghini Orange is a bold exterior paint scheme.  Done in thick
flakes, she is very much a metallic paint scheme.  Trimmed with
grey stripes along her sides and also sporting Dragonfly graphics on
her exterior.
White Plaine (pardone the pun).  This is the 'blank' body-in-white
version which can be used as a template for creating your own custom
paint schemes on.  Just be sure to copy/paste into your own version
keeping this as your template.

She is really sharp looking, even in basic white.  Her paint is low gloss,
nearly a dull white color.  Her interior is white gray with speckling paint
finish and she is fitted with sky blue seats in tweed fabric and has a
sharp dove gray metal pro-finished instrument panel.  This is the most
closest of all to the actual looks of the early, original 'standard' Q2
Features include.......

* High Resolution Textures up to 4096

* 3D instrumentation with 2D XML Coded gauges
mapped to them (for changeability and customization)

* One (one) 2D panel in light gray

* No interior reflections on the plexi (none)

* Popups for GPS, Radios, Flight Instruments, Engine
Instruments, and throttle / starter switch

* High resolution pilot with extreme detail
The Q200 is now released.  The package sells for $24.95 USD.  Please be
patient as it is uploaded to our Vendors in the next couple of days.
Neon Green  
The interior is a bit radical, as like the exterior 'Orange' color.  The
seats are done in Reddish Orange leather, with a charcoal inner
cushion color scheme.  The arm rest pads, joystick leather boot and
trinket tray are also in this wild reddish orange paint scheme.  The
instrument panel is in beautiful carbon fiber and sports an orange
'Q2' emblem on it.  The inner aeroshell color is painted in charcoal
gray with slightly visible speckling work on it.
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Owners Manual
The Owners Manual for the Q200 is very
basic and is printed on JPG's.  There is 'no' PDF
Manual.  The manual is online here, and you
can download and save the pages on your
computer or on your tablet or smart phone.

The manual is nice as it gives non-owners a
view of the plane and how it functions, but be
warned that it is very basic. Nothing
sophisticated on this aircraft.
Theme Definition, LHC Style
LHC is starting a trend where it does not create a simple livery with an
outside paint scheme, but an entire 'theme' built into the aircraft package.  

A theme goes far beyond just a paint scheme.  It includes the panel,
upholstery, the cabin interior, fabrics, instrumentation bezels, etc, etc.  The
entire plane is redone.  Each theme is designed to make the aircraft so
totally different from the rest, that it is as though you get many completely
different planes rather then one plane with several paint schemes on its

Below are the various 'Themes' that are in this package.  Eleven Themes are
included in the Q200 package.
Dare to be different.  Dare to be radical.
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