Here is a scene from Operation Valkyrie, the new super-gamepack
that came out 3 months ago.  The package contains 8 airfields
This is a movie of the Bellanca Super Viking and Turbo Viking,
an extremely fast line of aircraft that first came out in the United States back
in the 1970's and still credited for being one of the fastest General Aviation
aircraft you can own that isnt a Turboprop powered aircraft.
The legendary Bellanca aircraft that was born from the Golden Age of Aviation in
the United States, this line of small and unique aircraft graced the skies of
America like the Chevrolet did on her highways.  These popular aircraft are now
relics, much sought after and for good reason.  These half composite/half tube
steel and fabric aircraft boast extremely high performance characteristics.  
These 'now classics' are a prize when found in good condition and are said to be
an absolute blast to fly.
Ettore' Bugatti, the worlds greatest car engineer whose cars have won countless
prestigious races and been known the world over as the worlds highest
acclaimed of the classics.  Ettore' once set out to build the fastest air racer to
compete against the Germans in their air racing domination.

This gamepack features his air racer in a 'what if.....' scenario of had it been
flyable in time for the air races before Germany invaded France.  The gamepack
features tons of extra's, such as driveable Bugatti cars, other air racer aircraft, 2
airfields, a mantion residence, and over 20 missions to fly in a 'what if....'
adventure in the Bugatti P100 air racer.....
This is a design by author William Ortis for a futuristic jet fighter that can leave
the atmosphere and uses newer technologies to enable man to go into space
economically on a daily basis in a long range, defense interceptor vehicle.

The concept is based on a jet engine, designed by the author, in which it closes
off its intake, creating a rocket cone in the aft section of the 'hybrid' engine,
converting it from a standard turbine, 'air-breathing' jet engine, to a rocket motor.  

We must realise the future and know that great things are upon us and rapidly
gaining its ground in amazing technologies.  This is a 'light' to shine forward in the
new lands of development and design.
Some of these aircraft can be found at this website. Search them out in
both the Freeware webpage and the Flight Sim Shop.
F-136 Orbital Interceptor
Bellanca Collection
F-136 Orbital Interceptor
Bellanca Super Viking
The future of mankind.  The future of transportation.

Coming soon.
See the new Junkers W Collection in action in this well done video by
Keith Gievans at  The mini movie will show you the
various types of interiors and panels, the float plane model, the
airliner variant, and the classic W33 long nose.