The Lionheart Creations LJ24B is packaed full of neat features.  From its rare fuel system with transfer controls, to its
riveted airframe skins, to its elaborate instrument panel crammed full with instrumentation and switches, to its nice,
leather clad rear cabin complete with either passengers or air freight.

The following are some of the features of the LHC LJ24B;
*  Ultra high resolution 4096 Graphics on exterior and some interior textures
*  Super detailed instrument panel with almost all gauges operational
*  New code technology feature hold down starter switches that flip upwards after startup for 'generator' charge mode
*  High detail interior features 3DS Max shading technology for subtle shading and highlights
*  Illuminated instrumentation and night glow panel from hood lights
*  Rear and forward cabin dome lights are on separate circuits, and the panel is also on its own light circuit switch as
*  Hide-able high detail passengers in rear cabin
*  Air Freight version LJ24B with cargo that can be hidden
*  8 Paint schemes with various interior themes including a run hard Freighter, an original White with Red stripes factory
variant with 1970's interior including shag carpet, and beautifully restored, updated, high end variants with modern
interior treatments such as suede.
*  Engines illuminate with a nice glow in the back exhaust stacks and vary in brightness per engine load
*  Autopilot System that featured on/off ALT, HDG, NAV/LOC and APP settings (early age of Autopilot systems)
*  Hide-able yoke to allow you to see instruments and switches that would otherwise be hidden.
*  Airfiles created by famed Wayne Tudor
*  Engines cough a flame and puff of smoke on start up
*  Spoilers cause a plume of vapor trail when extended at good speed
*  Numerous alarm sounds for 'gear up', 'engine fire', 'overspeed', and many more 'events'.
Due to high request, we have created a 2D panel as well as 2D
popup sub-panels, such as Electrical System and Engines,
Audio Panel, Fuel Management Panel and other popups.  The
LJ24B features the stock FS GPS system as the LJ24B was
before the time of actual GPS systems.
The very tricky Fuel Management Panel of the LJ24B.  Notorius
and slightly sophisticated, this jet features an actual, controlable
wingtank fuel dumping system.  The fuel system is quite different
from normal aircraft and requires observing fuel drain and
transferring of fuel from the fuselage tanks to the wing tanks.  
Remember, you cannot land with full wing tip tanks.  
The LHC Standard 'Parking Mode' which an this aircraft
features wheel chauks, turbine engine covers, front perspex
reflective cover, and cabin window shades.  Pitot cover flags
are also features in this mode.  Accessed by a hidden switch
on the instrument panel.
A new system dreamed up by Bill Ortis to help new pilots of
this plane become familiar with the locations of primary
controls of importance on this plane, we have incorporated a
Popup Bubble Placcards system.  Click a hidden button on
the top left of the panel hood annunciator and these popup,
showing you where key switches and controls are located.
2D Panels and Popups
The infamous Learjet Fuel Management Panel
Parking Mode
Bubble Popup Placcards for the beginner pilot
For backup CD's of the package, you may request the CD service at SimMarket when
making the purchase through their website.
FlightSimStore, Australia
Request new download for updates;
LHC LJ24B Series
LHC LJ24B Series
LHC LJ24B Series
LHC LJ24B Series
WARNING:  This package is 1.2 GIGs in size to download.  
$34.95 USD
$34.95 USD
$34.95 USD
$34.95 USD
An online owners manual which you can access with tablets and smart phones while in flight in FS / P3D
These are the 4 exterior PSD layered format texture files which include panel
lines, rivets, etc.  There is also a ALPHA layer to control reflection.  For parts
that have no reflection (like flat black) you would use pure bright white.  For
chrome like finishes, like chrome surrounds on windows and chrome leading
edges, you would use black or dark gray for the ALPHA layer in that parts zone.

These were done in Photoshop CS6
; PSD format.

There are separate layers for Ambient Occlusion maps, shadings, mottlings, etc,
etc, making this a very easy kit to work with.  Basically find the 'base coat' layer
near the bottom and copy that layer and start making your paint scheme.
can tune the opacity of some layers to work better with your colors.

There are also DDS files in 'plain white' which are great for 'colorizing' your plane.

Interiors are special request only and might take 2 days to upload.  Please make
requests for your interior PSD files and specify which plane you want that the
interior is from and that can be uploaded to a holding site for you to download.  
Make requests
NOTICE:  You 'CANNOT' start up the Learjet........    if you use another planes 'cold and dark' file to
start in.  It will NOT work.  Remember this.  If your autopilot isnt working, if radios arent working, if an
engine stalls out when the tip tank empties, if one engine will not start, if one engine is burning fuel
faster then another, then this is why.

Start up the sim in a 'running' aircraft.  FSX has the ultralight, and P3D has the F22.  Start in one of
those, switch into the LJ24B, then go to the area you want, shut everything down, wait till RPM of the
turbines is at zero, then 'save' for a Learjet 'cold and dark'.

I have recieved countless emails from upset people because of this.  I noted in the manuals, the
clipboard, in the popup 'do not use another planes cold and dark save point' and still people are
doing this.  Create a running flight, go into the Lear, 'then' save while in the Lear, all systems off.  
Due to popular request, the non-functioning Weather Radar is
now a 3 way flip-able face system; featuring the Weather Radar
that is now premapped in a $pan gauge texture for future fitting
of a weather radar system.  Second face is a working, 3D model
structure of a Garmin GPS 500 screen unit, and the third face
unit is a optional bonus 'blank' plate that is also $pan mapped
so that you can install any gauge you like on that face area.
These utilize new sections in the panel config; VC4, VC5, and
VC6.  They also have predone light maps, with VC6 'Blank'
already mapped with a soft glow for your gauge that you might
install in this area.

To flip through these gauge face options, click on the round,
black dummy 'AUX INVERTER' knob.

This is part of Build V1.1, released September 11, 2014
Weather Radar Face With Optional 3 Version Faces
These are saved flight files with two different LJ24B Lears that will enable you to start up 'cold' without
issues brought over by other planes cold and dark save points.  Drop these into your 'My
Documents/FS files folder.'
*  My Documents / Flight Simulator X Files
*  My Documents / Prepar3D v2 Files
Look for the saved Learjet saved flights with the word 'Pure' in the titles.
**  You can move the Learjet to a new location from these save points, change the time and weather
and save there also.
***  ALWAYS REMEMBER:  Create 'fresh and pure' cold states with your new planes, no matter who
makes them.  Each plane must be fully running 'before' being shut down or you inherit starting issues
with systems.

For FSX, FSX Acceleration, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D V1, V2, V3, and V4 64bit.
For Flight Simulator X and
Prepar3D Flight Simulators
64bit For Prepar3D V4
4 Buttons on the control yoke now have functionality.  From
heading and elevator trim to Autopilot on/on, MIC that brings
up the ATC window, as well as a new Cheater button that
enables instant flight readiness, no longer requiring the
buttons to be flipped on that are 'wired' outside of Keyboard
Control Yoke Buttons and Easier Auto Pilot Management
Instrument Panel
Aircraft Main Cabin Area
Generation Two of the Learjet LJ24B is being launched.  This is a free update to existing owners of this package.  
Please see your Lear Dealer (flight sim shop) who you purchased it from and request a new download when you see
that they have the new version 'Generation Two' in stock at their website.  Please be patient as we upload to our vendors.
Lear Updates for Generation Two....................................................

* Prepar3D Version 4.0 updates to 64bit Tech level
* New paint schemes added, 13 paint schemes total.
* Autopilot VC panel thumbwheel now animated
* Control yoke buttons and trimming knob (4) are now active functioning controls
* Odd mystery effect on top annunciator buttons is fixed
* Revamped nose structure done from photographs (side view, frontal view) to exact
* Some interior textures have been modified and improved
* Coding improvements to ambient sound systems;
--- Landing gear wind noise (when down) is layered 3x per speed values
--- Ambient gyro startup sound now functions via the master battery switches and not automatically
--- Gear Down alarm is now one single burst instead of continuous burst
* Coding improvements to fuel system that keep the fuel starvation from happening when
auto switching from tips to wing tanks when at 4x (plus) fast forward speeds (long trips) and
also fuel dumping no longer causes this when doing a complete fuel dump on the tip tanks.
* Coding improvements on autopilot
* AP Button now on the yoke so that you can flip AP on/off during approaches in GS (APR) mode
* AP ARM light now comes on when AP system is active so you know if its on or not from front panel view
* AP 2D popup panel now features improved coding on dump switches
* Fuel 3D mapping gauge (shows a top view of Lear with tanks in blue) now features mouse rects and improved
* Fuel dumping 'effect' now works with both 2D panel and VC fuel panel, not just one
* Interior glass lowered in reflections to nearly zero due to popular request
* Exporting from Max done through the latest Lockheed Martin exporter technology.  State of the art.  V4 thru
V2 models are pure V4 tech; V1 and FSX/FSX Steam are converted to FSX Tech via Lockheed Martin V1.4
exporter tech.
* Pilots shirts now matched with exterior themes
* Black instrument panel in Cargo Runner revamped and better
* Code flooding stopped with landing lights code system
* 3 Missing textures added
* Double reflection mapping entries in external and glass entries rectified and reduced to single entries
* Trimming knob on control yoke features HDG (heading) control (left/right click) and electric elevator
trim control (Mouse Wheel)
* Cheater button integrated into yoke which turns on all systems needed for flight mode.  Saves you time
in switching on 10 different buttons and toggles throughout the panel
* Bubbles enhanced for new control interfaces
Born in the 1960's, this was the jet that would change the
future of flying for executives, a new form of transportation
that was extremely fast and affordable to the elite.  These
jets were born from the Swiss P-16 fighter bomber
concept jet.  William Lear purchased the design and
converted it into a sleek business jet.  This ultra-fast plane
is capable of going into overspeed on a single engine.
These were incredibly powerful, fast, sleek and beautiful
jets that even today are still quite inspiring looking.

This aircraft package is designed for FSX, FSX Steam
Edition, and Prepar3D V1 thru V4 flight simulator
platforms.  This 'will not' work in X-Plane unfortunately.

Please note, this is an exotic addon package with much
software coding and extreme resolution textures with
sizes up to 4096 pixles (4K Resolution) in size.  That is
extreme.  The download size of this package is 1.2Gig.
Please make sure you can run such a plane on your
computer before purchasing this.  If your flight simulator
is struggling with common aircraft, this should then
probably wait till you have a more powerful computer.
You must use the full
installer for this update.
You cannot obtain just
update files as the
number of updates are
too great.  Request a
new download from
your vendor you pur-
chased from and re-
install the Learjet