The sleek, fast flying turboprop Epic LT
New from the studios of Lionheart Creations comes another rare exotic, the Epic LT /
Dynasty. This is an actual 'new' aircraft produced in the United States, an advanced design
that features a complete Carbon Fiber airframe and the high performance version of the
PT6, the radical PT6-67A. This 6 passenger executive turboprop can carry people at over
350 knots GS at altitudes of up to 31,000 feet.

This flight simulation model package comes with 9 different aircraft registries with
variations of interiors, animated pilots, full detail and animated VC and cabin, which also
sports a brilliant 'soft lit' interior for great night flights. Also featured is a new Garmin G900X
glass panel instrument system with ultra friendly management for beginners of the Garmin
panel systems. The Garmin system features a complete PFD and MFD with 'Direct-To'

To top off the list, this complete, new package also comes in full FSX with the dual FSX
created model sets, new FSX technology textures/materials that feature bloom, reflection
qualities, new soft glare and countless other new material capabilities. All textures in the
FSX installer are full DDS format for flights in DirectX-10. This means, you get two installers
in one, for both FS2004 and FSX.

For those that eye Ferraris and Lamborghini's, for those that love the fast lane, for those
that like to own something new that no one else has yet, then maybe the Epic LT is for you.
Tips, Tricks, and Fixes
Known Bugs and Updates
These screenshots reveal the sophistication of the model level created, from the sculpted sleek lines of
the airframe to the the hundreds of parts within its interior.  Each part is 'made' and then mapped with
textures to give it a high realism appearance.
This is the sporty interior of the Epic LT and Dynasty.  Note the laquered wooden table which deploys
when the landing gear is raised.  Note also the modern styling of the interior with a wave shaped arm
rest shelf that flows throughout the interior as well as the trim strip, giving the Epic a first class look like
that of a prestigious Range Rover.
Interior Cabin Area
Virtual Cockpit and Instrument Panel
This is the instrument panel of the Epic LT.  Note the elaborate trim and modern styling of the cockpit,
outfitted with laquered wood appointments.  The glass panel system shown is the Garmin G900x.  
Note the bottom left screenshot, depicting the 'boot-up' system screens on the Garmins which
appear for 20 seconds upon system startup.

The PFD and MFD (left and right respectively) feature built in Avionics (COM1, COM2, NAV1,
NAV2, Transponder, and ADF), as well as a Mini-GPS map on the left PFD screen, full GPS
software on the right MFD screen, and both a Engine EICAS popup window and Fuel Management
popup window as well.  (See center and top right hand screenshot for EICAS engine readouts, on
the left side of the MFD panel.  The EICAS is on both the PFD and MFD panels for ease of multiple
This is the sleek, aerodynamic, high performance turboprop Epic LT.  Built of pure Carbon Fiber,
yielding an incredibly low weight, thus allowing the aircraft to attain very high airspeed cruise

All textures are complete high resolution textures featuring dynamic shine, reflection, etc.  The FSX
package version is in DDS format for higher frame rate performance.

Note that the Red and White plane, N4688, and the Silver D-LION aircraft feature 'metallic paint
schemes', a very rare, very new technology in Flight Simulator paint technologies.

The Epic includes 10 different exterior paint schemes with roughly 4 versions of interiors.
Purchase Center
The Epic LT / Dynasty pacakge comes in both Flight Simulator FS2004 version, as well as
Flight Simulator X.  The FSX version is a 'pure' FSX model package featuring DDS texture
technologies, enabling the virutual pilot to fly in DirectX 10 mode.

The package, (both FS9 and FSX) feature a 2D panel and a number of animations and visibility
condition parts, such as luggage and tie-down mode features.  The sound package also
features a nice 'turbine' soundmix in the cabin sound mode, as well as new hydraulics and
servo sounds.

The airfile of the Epic LT / Dynasty is quite polished and well tuned, having been given input by
the Chief test pilot and VP of sales at Epic Aircraft Corporation, Mr. Peter Stiles.  His direction
also helped in the tuning of the PT6-67A Turbine output characteristics, such as temperatures,
torque values, prop RPM, etc.

The Garmin glass panel system that feature 2 PFD's and a center MFD full screen GPS, feature
a new 'easy to manage' feature where one will not require to navigate the system through
various menu's.  This enables a new Garmin system user to become aquainted with the system
first.  Later, the Epic virtual pilot can purchase a more elaborate system from sim groups such
as MindStar so that the panel system traning can be more thorough and 'extreme'.

To purchase this package, simply click on one of the two buttons below, 'PayPal' or 'Flight1'.  
The PayPal purchase system will take you to a standard PayPal sales page, then redirect you
to the download link.  The Flight1 system has a built in purchase program.  You download the
entire package, then run the purchase program built into it.
You can now download the manual for the Epic LT to see all the details
of the package and get an idea of how the Epic is flown.  This manual
includes details on managing the Garmin system, navigation controls,
management of the PT6-67A Turbine, and actual flying procedures.
To redownload a PayPal purchase for the complete Build 2 version or loss of
files from a Hard Drive failure, go to this webpage form and fill it out to
request an additional download.
PayPal Reloads
Free PDF Manual
Frequently Asked Questions
Will Mindstar's Garmin G1000 work in the Epic LT by LHC?

No.  According to the owner of mindstar, their gauges are a different size and proportion (shape) then our
virtual cockpit 3D mapping platforms, which severely hinders performance (frame rates) of their mindstar
system.  We apologise for sending people to mindstar.  We had not tested this nor used it ourselves.

Will the FS2X Garmin G1000 work in the Epic LT?

Don is currently testing this now and should get back to us in 2 days on how it performs in the Epic LT.  If it
is favorable, we will post a banner link on this webpage to his site so people may upgrade their Garmins to
his system.

How do you turn on the Auto Pilot?

On this aircraft, the AP is switched on at the lower left rocker switches panel by the control yoke.  From
there, you can then turn on systems buttons on the actual TruTrak face panel above.  On this new
'extreme' Build of the TruTrak, the AP switch on the face plate panel runs 'Wing Level' command.

I cannot take off with the Auto Pilot system on?

This is true.  Your AP system must be off in order to rotate and climb on a take-off run.  Turn off the AP
sysetm at the white rocker switch by the control yoke, left side panel.

Can you program your own music to the Epic LT XM radio sound system?

Yes.  By replacing the music in the FS/Sound/LHC folder (SND20 through SND27) you can have your own
music play in the Epic.  You must compile your music to pure WAV 16bit (Windows) format and name them
SND20 through SND27 for them to properly play in Flight Simulator.

Is the FSX version of the Epic LT a 'port over' that uses FS2004 models and DXT bitmap textures?

Negative.  The FSX version of the Epic LT is 'pure' FSX, featuring the new model file technologies that use
various forms of new texture systems such as Blume, high and deep reflection, soft shine, etc.  The
textures are also in the new FSX DDS format so that the aircraft can be flown in DirectX 10.

Is there a 2D panel included?  Or is this a Virtual Cockpit only plane?

Yes.  There is a 2D panel included with both the FSX and FS2004 versions.

Does this glass screen panel system take alot of memory and will it cause the package to run slow on my

No.  This Garmin system is very Sim friendly, using far less inner-systems, thus lowering the amount of ram
required to run it.  As a matter of fact, alot of the inner systems are early FS2004 system based.

What might cause this package to run slow on my computer?

The textures of the Epic LT that are 'high detail' are all in extreme 32bit resolution, in both FS9 and
FSX-DDS formats.  These textures are the exterior fuselage, and 4 interior textures.  This is done so that the
resolution is as photographic as possible.  However, one can convert the textures to standard (lower)
resolutions quite easily.  We intend to release a 'low resolution' package also that will enable a person to
retrofit-install the lower rez packs easily.

If I purchase through PayPal, can I get updates or reloads later in the future?

Yes.  PayPal allows you to fill out a Reload form.  That is submitted and a new link is emailed to you.  Go
'here' to look up your past orders, select the one you wish to reload, and fill out the form.

Is there any scenery included with this package as like other Lionheart Creations packages?

No.  Unfortunately, there is not a scenery addition to the Epic package, (at least not presently).   ;)

How do we get updates?  Are they seperate downloads?

One would redownload their package from where they purchased the Epic LT at.  The updates would be in
the newest download package.  This would then reload 'all' updates automatically for you.  Just remember
to save any package additions such as repaints of new planes.

What if I purchase all of my Sim software from SimFlight or Computer Pilot?

These websites also handle the Lionheart Creations sim packages and will allow you to purchase the Epic
there, as well as future reloads when needed.

There isnt a Passenger in the FS2004 model?

True.  This option is only available in the FSX version.
Creating the Epic LT in Gmax
Soft Glow Cabin Illumination
The Epic LT package presently features the following;
*  High technology TruTrak Autopilot system with inner programmable subsystems and voice
pack with 25 different voice calls
*  Next Generation LHC Garmin system (Version 900) with moderate enhancements, graphics
updates, gauge code refinements, added features such as wind direction, pattern entry
selection, enhanced frame rates performance, and many other features and upgrades.
*  New sound system that features clickable 'audible' sounds in the cabin area
*  XM Radio system with programmable music you can change, plays 7 tracks
*  Both FS2004 and FSX 'pure' models and textures for both simulators
*  Fully animated control surfaces
*  Fully animated prop blades with full feather capabilities
*  Garmin G900X glass panel system with a TruTrak AutoPilot.  The Garmin system features;
***Maximize Full View PopUp
***Pilots PFD Mini GPS Window in the LH Screen
***Engine Popup
***Fuel Management Popup
***Zoomable full screen MFD GPS
***Direct To flight programming
***Lockable Altitude as well as Preselect Altitude.  Same for Heading
***On Screen Simplicity clickable area's such as frequencies, heading, CRS, Transponder
*  Soft glow interior cabin/cockpit illumination, mimicking soft lit overhead lighting
*  Rear lit illumination of the instrumentation and Garmin gauge panel system.
*  Popup rear cabin table when landing gear is retracted.
*  Smooth cabin modelling
*  High resolution textures for extreme detail of interior, panel, and fuselage
*  Animated pilot and copilot that feature 'roaming sight'
*  Customised sound package with focus to turbine sounds, hydraulics, and servos
*  High realism airfiles that create a realistic Epic LT 'feel', derived from feedback from actual    
Epic LT pilots.
*  10 Different paint schemes, some featuring different interior textures which match the exterior
*  A popup panel that 'manages' features such as wheel chauks, co-pilot, luggage, etc.
*  Hideable control Yokes allow better access to switches panel (click wood trim at bast of Yokes)
*  Optional 'Wide Screen' panel, easily adaptable into your favorite paint schemes, included.
*  High detail, 'screenshot' based Manual, shows you how to work the various functions in the
Epic Dynasty, including Direct-To flights, Autopilot management, and the basics of Garmin
'glass panel' systems.
Exterior Screen Shots
The Epic LT / Dynasty are also available at and at PC Pilot
If you have dreamed of owning an Epic LT and
would like to see one in your own choice of
colors and registry, right down to the interior
trim and color selections, then here is a chance
to get closer and at least 'virtually' see what it
would appear like.  Even the 'reflective' qualities
can be dialed in.

This is a comprehensive paint kit for the Epic
LT.  It is in PSD format and in layers with each
layer separated and labeled.  The textures are
double size (2048 pixels square) for maximum
resolution and will require to be resized to 1024
pixels square.  The package is quite large due
to its moderate amount of layers.  Format is
PSD per Adobe Photoshop.
Paint Kit
Bug: Extra Non-Existent Paint Schemes in Epic LT, FSX

We have found a slight flaw/bug in the Aircraft.cfg and have released a mini fix kit.  We should also
have the Installer repaired as well by March 25th, 2012 at the SimMarket website.  This bug is a faulty
'Aircraft.cfg' file that shows an extra few paint schemes that do not ship with the stock Epic LT
pacakge.  The kit can be downloaded here;  

To fix the package, instructions will tell you to simply drop in the new Aircraft.cfg file and Voila, its
done.  It will overwrite the older one, erasing the extra false paint schems.

You can find all of those paint schemes at the various websites of and

You can also hand edit the Aircraft.cfg file to get around installing a new config file.  Simply open the
Aircraft.cfg with Notepad, navigate down through the top Registry blocks till you find repaint 09 and
under it will be //NEW REPAINTS    Below that, some extra paint scheme Registry blocks will be
there.  Just delete those extra Registries and save and exit.  Do not delete the 'General' section which
should be close to the last Registry block.

Thats it!  Small bug.  For any questions or help, email
Click here to go to Epic Aircrafts website.  There you can read through their
many model releases as well as download some extremely well done
screenshots from their gallery section.  These make brilliant computer
Please remember to always come back to see if there are updates.  
Lionheart Creations continuously release updates and will occasionally
add new additions to packages, ranging from instrumentation to
paintschemes to mesh improvements.
Package Features
These are some screenshots taken at night.  Note the soft glow illumination that runs on Nav lights.  
This illuminates the instruments, panel lights, and interior of the cabin throughout, duplicating soft glow
resination from the overhead dome lights.  Then note that there are screenshots with the 'standard'
bright lighting 'dome light' FS effects (brighter effect).  Thus you have 2 versions of lights.  Control the
brighter dome lights with 'Oh' key (strobes).
Shown with dome lights on and off, and with
instrumentation illumination and soft glow on.
There are several interior color schemes that come with the Epic LT package, from
sporty versions to very contemporary, plush, richly accented interior trim.
Note on the top four screenshots, that the left two are with teh down light on, and the right two are
with 'soft glow' instrumentation on and dome lights off.  The soft glow is triggered by Nav lights,
and the Dome lights (brighter) is triggered by Strobe lights.  (The actual strobe lights are wired
into the Nav lights.  Use 'Oh' key on keyboard to turn on brighter dome lights.  Use 'Shift/L' key to
trigger soft glow illumination/instrumentation as well as exterior Nav lights systems.
Epic Addon Upgrades Shop
*  Wide Screen Monitors; The Epic LT comes with a 'wide screen' 2D view panel for those with
wide screen monitors.  To activate the wide screen system, navigate to your Epic LT folder in
your sim, locate 'aircraft.cfg' file and right click and choose 'Open With' and select 'Notepad'.  
Browse down the aircraft registries at the top and locate your favorite planes, and on line that
says 'Panel='   enter a 'ws' at the end.  Example; 'panel=ws'.  This enables wide screen 2D panel

*  Registry N3XF in FSX has a missing texture zone on its wheel chaulks, causing a wierd effect
of black boxes showing up.  Simply copy/paste the file 'Epic_Accessories_T' from N111DY
texture folder to the N3XF texture folder.  This will repair the missing texture zone and the black
cubes will disappear.

*  Did you know you can backup in the Epic LT?  To reverse out of a parking spot, simply press
F2, or you can go to VC view and push the throttle to full down (out) which will also cause 'FS
reverse thruster mode'.  Have your brakes ready when you leave reverse thruster mode, as the
turbine will be spooled up.  :)
Please note;  If you do not read manuals, then I suggest that you do not
purchase the Epic LT.  It has specifics that you will need to know.  This aircraft
also has many textures that are high resolution.  If your computer cannot run
high resolution textures, there is a 'Low Resolution' addon option you can
download that will enable lower memory computers to run the Epic more easily.
This is a new idea born from interest of 'Virtual' Epic owners.  This is a section where you can
get special Addons and Upgrades for your Epic LT / Dynasty aircraft, everything from repaints
to landing lights, to alternative instrument panel systems.

*  A2A / Shockwave's famous 'Lewis' Landing Lights

This is a really nice addon that is inexpensive and can work on your other sim planes as well.  
these are highly advanced '3D like' high illumination Halogen lights that are brilliant to see at
night.  A must for the Simmer that loves those extra touches to detail and realism.
Click Here to view the Landing Lights webpage at
A2A / Shockwave

*  Sean Doran Paint Schemes

Sean Doran is an amazing and gifted paint scheme artist who was attracted to the lines of the
Epic LT / Dynasty.  He has created approximately 30 paintschemes or more for this aircraft.  
Several of his paint schemes were used in the production of the Epic LT, and many others flood
the FS Addon sites.  Key sites that Sean uploads to are,, and

*  Track IR 3-Dimensional Sight Movement

This is a radical improvement to Flight Simulation.  If you do not have Track IR for your FS
installation, you have no idea what you are missing.  For getting the utter most enjoyment out of
the Epic LT and other popular sim aircraft, purchase the Track IR system and 'really' check out
what you have been missing.  Enjoy things like being able to look behind you, look down at the
throttle console, look down and left 'even with the fuse panel.  Look back to see that the door is
latched.  Keeping your head level with the horizon while you are in a 40 degree banked turn,
looking down under the cieling for the runway ahead and to the side as you turn about onto
final approach.  It is one awesome, radical improvement to flight simulation....  
The Actual Epic LT / Dynasty
These are actual photographs of actual Epic LT's.  They are incredibly beautiful aircraft with very
flowing lines.  Even their interiors incorporate a design of flowing lines, such as the arm rest structure
that has a wave that follows through to the front cabin area.  The unique and simplistic, 'high tech'
Garmin panel system allows for a beautifully simple and uncluttered instrument panel.  Topping off the
design theme are appointments of burled wood trim throughout the aircrafts cabin, like that of a
Mercedes Benz or Rolls Royce.
Please wait while the page loads up.
Factory Authorized
SimMarket Downloads till March 24th 2012
Screenshot by Nick Churchill
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