This is the Boeing B-797 'Blended Wing Body' Super Liner, designed to carry 1,000 passengers and
with a unique 'flying wing' style body that would avail far better, more economic flight cruise properties.  
Dubbed the X-48 by the Boeing famed Skunk Works design team, this aircraft design has been in the
testing phase for several years.  No actual B-797's yet exist and so in reality, this is a fictional aircraft in
that none have been yet created in full scale.  What have have done at Lionheart Creations is make
available a possible 'glimpse' of what such an aircraft would be like to see and fly.

We created a neat form of 'flat turning' that is exhibited when using 'rudder' controls in Flight Simulator.  
The aircraft produces a unique 'Yaw' turn via rudders that are both hinged style as well as 'clam-shell'
split style rudders.

This package comes with a basic Virtual Cockpit with fictional controls and banks of switches and

This is also a monumental 'first' for Lionheart Creations Design Studio.  This package features new
modelling technologies that 'surpass' and shatter the two major model limitations of FS2004; the 65,000
polygon limit and the 4MM Vertice proximity limit.  This aircraft features a 'super high' polygon count that
far exceeds the former limit and super small switch parts modelled in high poly-count mesh structures
are seen perfectly shaped without any auto-weld issues taking place.  This is a 'super model' by all
standards and is a proof of concept for this new technology.  Lionheart Creations is calling this new
modelling feature the Unlimited Export System or 'FS9-UES' for short.
The Exterior of the gigantic Boeing 797 is very beautiful with a flowing shape that morphs from a
rounded cone into a flowing, sleek, flying wing.  The canopy structure uses the newest Boeing
Dreamliner shape with sleeker angles and visibility and a more aerodynamic angle.  Below the aircraft is
a sky-stair ramp that lowers via Exit command.  

Along the front of the giant wing structure, you will see two levels of passenger windows.  This is a double
decker aircraft and the passengers would sit 'in' the outer wing area's as you can see.  The doors also
run along the sides of the leading edge like a regular airliner.

The rear top of the mammoth flying wing sits the giant turbo-fan turbine Rolls Royce engine nacelles.  
Note that we do not know who will supply engines for the B-797, nor do we know if this aircraft will
actually be produced.  Please realise that this is a concept aircraft in the early stages of design.
This is the 'conceptual' Virtual Cockpit of the Boeing 797, featuring 3D fictional switch banks, a sleek, raked,
aerodynamic perspex structure, a conceptual Heads up Display (non-working), three engine throttle quad, and
'fly-by-wire' joystick flight controls.

Instrumentation is Glass Panel existing FS2004 stock Boeing 747 Honeywell instrumentation that has been tuned to
dark grey to fit the cockpit environment.  Screens include a PFD, MFD, and ECIAS engine management screen.  
There are also slide out non-functioning Keyboards for pilot and co-pilot.

The interior is trimmed in nice textures with hints of high technology computer access panels as well as high quality
trim and panelling features.

Note also the super small switches that are perfectly shaped with high poly count structures, thanks to the new 'FS9
Ulimited Export System'.
This concept Super Liner is equipped with a number of nice features for a freeware aircraft for FS2004;
*  High resolution interior and exterior textures in 32bit 888-8 format for crisp graphics
*  Animated flight controls, pedals, throttles, trim, etc
*  3D non-working switch banks in high mesh quality throughout the Virtual Cockpit for a more realistic appearence
*  Split Rudder assemblies and other unique control surface features, including functioning Spoilerons.
*  Airfiles feature 'Flat Turning' capabilities for passenger comfort when doing various turns in-flight.
*  Dual fuel trucks that appear approximately 3 min's after the engines have been shut down
*  A belly sky-stair that lowers via Shift-E command
*  FS2004 Unlimited Export System high poly-count mesh model with 'no' 4MM or less Vertex welding featuring super
high quality parts throughout.
*  2D Panel, adapted from the stock FS2004 Boeing 747 package, converted to gray to match the 797 cockpit
*  3 Airlines Liveries; Boeing new Dreamliner color scheme, British Airways, and Tasman Airlines.
*  A Paint kit will be featured with 'layered formats' for easy and quick paint scheme creations
*  Detailed paneling work on the hull textures for a look of realism
*  Cam Views at Landing Gear and at RH Rudder.
The following people were team members on this project;
Andrew 'Toz' Pattison of New Zealand; concept and airfiles design
*  Toz's team at
Tasman Airlines Virtual who did tons of testing and design input for the jet
'Prop Trash' who walked me through the new FS9 Unlimited Export System for creation of new and better models
without limitations in FS2004.  Thanks to his patience and teaching.
Dwight Furleigh who was able to get the ECIAS stock engine screen to function properly.
Boeing and their famed Skunk Works design group for allowing us to create this package of their brilliant aircraft
Tom Clayton for his testing and input
The Lord for blessing me with patience and stamina in getting through the FS9-Unlimited Export System.  What an
amazing blessing and advancement in model making for FS2004.  Thank you Jesus!
We have a huge paint kit of the exterior of the B-797.  It is in PSD format created
in Adobe Photoshop 6.0 in layers.  This kit has the House Boeing paint scheme
and also the Tasman airlines paint scheme.  The files are very large, about 330
megs.  If you want a create your own airlines of choice for the B-797, download
this.   Go here;
Boeing B-797 / Skunk Works Project X-48
Question:  What Flight Simulator Format is this package in?
Answer:  FS2004

Question:  Will this work in FSX?
Answer:  Yes, but the frame rates will be slower then usual on some systems.  
Converting the textures to DDS format may speed up frame rates somewhat.

Question:  Why can I not download this package here?
Answer:  We would be overwhelmed with the download numbers.  

Question:  Does this have its own sound?
Answer:  No.  It uses an 'alias' to the FS2004 Boeing 747 and the FSX Boeing 737

Question:  Why does the VC not have 'all' fully functioning controls?
Answer:  This package is only a proof of concept package for creation of a 'FS9
Unlimited Export' System, which worked.  We did fill the interior with tons of switches
and knobs, but this was only to see how precise small parts could be made, as well as
shear number of polygons.  A future version is planned that would be payware and
include first rate instrumentation systems and 3D functioning switch elements.
Created in FS2004 Unlimited Export Technology
I am sorry to say that Lionheart Creations are pulling the Boeing 797 from all freeware sites and
discontinuing any support.

The package was designed for FS2004 'only' and many were placing it in FSX and expecting it to work.  It
does not, as stated in the manual, requiring the FS2004 Boeing 747 instrumentation, and the FS2004
Boeing 737 radio stack to function in FSX properly.  Much hate mail rose up from this and thus some
resentment also grew because an FSX version didnt exist.

Also, because of the intense interest in this plane, many wanted the FSX version with super elaborate
details and functionalities.  We contacted Boeing and found that they were very unenthusiastic about
such a thing (mainly being payware as much time and development would have to go into such a venture
and we do this for a living).  Boeing practically shunned this, so it was abandoned.

For those that truly love Boeing's concept planes and especially the beautiful Blended wing design super
liner, I am sorry that we will not be producing any more.  Perhaps someone else can take up the baton
where we are leaving it.


William Ortis
Lionheart Creations Ltd.